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While Loop Password Example

Here’s a program that asks for a password and loops repeatedly until you enter the correct password.

PASSWORD = "hello"

while True:
    password = input("Enter your password: ")

    if password == PASSWORD:
        print("Password incorrect")

print("Password correct.")
Enter your password: ljlkj
Password incorrect
Enter your password: letmein
Password incorrect
Enter your password: hello
Password correct.

Some important points about this program:

  • The uppercase PASSWORD variable is uppercase to signify that it should not be changed; it is used only to store the correct password. In other languages this would be called a “constant“, but Python has no special mechanism for creating constants.
  • Since Python is case-sensitive, the PASSWORD and password variables are two completely different variables.
  • The program creates an “infinite loop” which is only terminated using break when the user enters the correct password.

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